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Anime USA 2015 Con Report
cain - black sheep
And wow, getting even further behind as this is for LAST YEAR's AUSA which I didn't finish til like 2 months after THIS YEAR's con. XD Oops. Let's see how long it takes me to put up Katsucon's?


Parents dropped me off since I was taking Lucifer's wings with me and thus couldn't just take metro this time around. XD I was rooming with the Cobles again plus Ginny and Monty. But even though the Cobles had been there since Thursday and had reserved two rooms, the hotel screwed up with them and so our second room (which would be where me, Ginny, and Monty would be) wasn't available yet even though it was supposed to be. So looks like our AUSA hotel luck finally ran out. It was also just in the regular section of the hotel and a higher up level while in the years past we always got one of the side wings and one of the first floors. Oh well. But sucked that we had to cram all our stuff into one room for the mean time.

Went ahead and got into Jude, picked up my badge, and then wandered over to Hall sign-up and made sure to get an early-ish time slot. Was amused yet slightly bewildered by the fact that the room the sign-ups/judging also had a shower in it. lol Different room from previous year. Also saw Ion while waiting and we geeked about Tales for a bit even though she wasn't doing any Tales cosplay this con. On my way back down the hall, ran into Gabi since the tech room happened to be right there so she invited me in for a little bit to converse (and steal some of their drinks XD). Saw Adam briefly too but they then both got busy with staff work stuff. And didn't see them at all the whole rest of the con despite them being right there. lol

Ran into Dian in her crazy impressive costume. She made that headpiece herself! And I remember watching all the progress on Facebook. Its from Bride of the Magus which I still need to read.

She in return was nice enough to take a photo of me in Jude, which ended up being the only photo I have of me in costume at this con. XD

Somewhere around this point, we finally got our second room in the hotel and timed it well as I just happened to be going back to the room as Monty and Ginny were moving stuff and we all decided it'd be easier/make more sense for me to join them in that room instead of the original plan of Liz being with them. That and Liz already had all her stuff out in the first room at that point.

Went to the Dealer's Room and got one of the new FF chibi blind boxes for World of FF. Got Lightning which was not a bad result (though wanted Cloud or Seph). Then got a Sailor Moon blind box and got school Haruka which was the exact one I wanted. XD So much better luck this con. Then bought Seph and Cloud from Anime Sekai just to save myself the strife of trying more blind boxes (and they were only a few dollars more than the box price). Also got myself a chibi Yuri since I had recently gotten into Vesperia finally. Took my figures back to the room and used this moment to fix up my belt some. I kept tightening it with snaps, thinking that would be enough to keep my pants from falling down this time around. But I guess it turns out I just need to keep using a real belt underneath to prevent that. 'Cause the design of the "buckle" doesn't really keep it functioning well. lol Oh well.

Got my costume judged. The Cobles were the judges again this year with the addition of their mom which is pretty cool to have a family judging together. When I told them my character's name, they all broke into song, "Hey Jude~". XD Which, ya know, I never thought of associating that song with him before. haha! Maybe I will now. Afterwards was pretty hungry at this point as I hadn't eaten anything yet so went across the street to Noodles and Company which is pretty much becoming my go-to for this con. Wasn't too crowded this time but probably because it was in between lunch and dinner. And hey someone recognized my costume while there. XD There weren't many Tales cosplayers in general this con but I did like how when we did run into each other, we all made a note of spazzing out to each other. I also tried to wander down the "pretty hall" of the hotel to see if I could find anyone I knew, especially Jo since I knew she wanted to see my Jude cosplay. But man! That place was PACKED with photographers doing shoots and since a good portion of the outside grounds were under construction this year, they had less room to work with so everyone was in there. It was like an obstacle course getting through there, trying not to step into someone's shot. And it was like that all weekend. x_x;; Kinda not that fun unless you're doing a shoot and since I had none this con, it was kinda...meh. AUSA really is becoming photoshoot-con in that sense. Which isn't bad as I do like doing shoots there too but it does result in not much to do when you're not doing ones.

After giving up on that, decided I had enough time in Jude and it was getting late so better get into my next costume before I ran out of time. Now I brought both of my Lucifers to this con. XD But to differentiate between them, I tend to call the WicDiv one just Luci (ok I call them both Luci but since she actually calls herself that, she gets the nick). But yes this was female Luci and I think I'm getting gradually better at doing the make-up at least. And hey got a few folks (I think 2 or 3? lol) recognized me at least. Texted Susan and Becca in hopes of finding them since I knew they were some of the few folks actually attending the con this year. Found Susan and together waited for Becca to arrive via metro. They were hungry and I decided to go with them even though I had already eaten not that long ago. They wanted to try out the Host Club but after discovering they had no actual real food on the menu, just snacks and such, we decided to bail. lol Our waiter hadn't even come yet so we made our escape in time. Which was fine by me cause to be honest I felt super awkward there. Instead we ended up at the sushi place that I somehow always end up at during this con lol. I just had some edamame (cause I was a little bit hungry but not enough for a meal) while they had actual dinner. Went back to the con with them and they were nice enough to take some photos of me in Luci.

So finally got a full shot of the costume, yay!

Becca and Susan talked me into going to Cosplay Burlesque with them, which I hadn't watched in years and had only really seen from backstage/sidelines. So I was cool with the idea. We got in line pretty early and chatted and played on my DS while we waited. Ended up being like front row somehow. XD So that was cool. And I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the show was! They'd definitely gotten better since I had last seen them. It was a special Halloween themed show so a good portion of the acts were joke acts and I think that made it more entertaining for me. But there really was no bad act. They were all good! There was a hilarious one of that bone dude from One Piece and then the best was the Alien striptease. Yes, THAT Alien. haha I actually really hate Alien but I still thought that was clever and she had the headpiece and multiple mouth thing going on which was really great! Even had pasties haha! And used her 2nd tongue for a few things. XDXD There were also some really hot routines too. I especially enjoyed the Okami one and the marionette themed one. It was pretty late by the time the show ended so we all decided to just head to bed.


Went down to the hotel shop early on since I kinda wanted breakfast of some sort so got this rather yummy spinach pastry and a mocha drink thingy. I was super amused by the fact that most of the line was folks from this other convention that was going on (this hotel always seems to have another event going on when we're there) that was obviously business-based since they were all in suits. But it was funny cause you have all these tired folks in suits...and then me half in pjs. lmao Oh those poor souls, felt bad for them as they obviously all needed that coffee. And here I am having fun. XD Then idled around in the hotel room for a bit before getting into Cain, since really had like no plans for the day.

Ran into this little group of Owari no Seraph cosplayers and we geeked for a while over the series. Ended up friending a few of them on Facebook. XD

I wanted to see Luna in her Alice no Kakei cosplay (current Kaori Yuki manga) so ventured down the "fancy hall" again. It was even harder to get through than the day before with the photoshoots. lol But eventually got to her, yay!

I still want to cosplay from that manga too but not sure what character. Doesn't help that she hasn't drawn much of the guy characters in color still.

Tried to go to Artist Alley since didn't really get to see much of it on Friday but forgot that my cane for Cain isn't exactly con-safe. Oops. So took it back to the room and on the way decided to grab a salad and one of the maid cafe cake pops (the maid cafe had a bunch of sweets for sale for Halloween weekend) at the hotel cafe thing. The salad ended up being rather good and impressive. Had avocado and stuff in it. I was going to try to go to the DC photoshoot gathering but kinda lost my courage and by the time I got down there, couldn't find them anyways. So just wandered around...aimlessly. Which tends to happen to me a lot at this con lately. It can get a little boring and lonely if you don't have folks to hang with at all times. Ah well. Eventually found Becca and Susan though and asked them to take a few photos of me in Cain since I hadn't gotten a single photo yet that day and only photos I had of the costume were the few from Zenkai on Rose's phone.

Still a phone photo but at least this shows the whole outfit.

Changed into Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary one this time), which I had been determined to bring to this con due to it being Halloween and I've wanted an excuse to wear Lucifer ON Halloween. Becca helped me with my make-up which was a godsend as otherwise not sure how I would have done the costume. I bought fake tattoos for the shoulder so I don't have to have someone draw it on every time but they didn't arrive in time. ^^;; Susan stayed in their room though as she wasn't feeling too well. But Becca was nice enough to wander with me for a bit to keep me company. We tried to go outside to get some photos but really was tough with all the construction going on. Stood in the lobby for a bit, hoping to catch some photographer eyes. Didn't find many folks at first but of course, as soon as I started to give up, they all came at once. XD And then I was bombarded with photos for a bit there. I didn't stay in the costume to long though as I learned quickly that my stamina for it as greatly decreased. But I really didn't have much time to be in it anyways since I wanted to go to Brittany's bachelorette party that night.

I rather like this one, taken by AUSA's official photographer.

As well as this one XD

And this one, by Munchkin Photography, shows off the shoulder "tattoo" that Becca drew on me.

Despite all the time I had planned to get ready, I still ended up running later than I had anticipated. I decided to keep Lucifer's make-up on to save on time and 'cause I figured it might add to it being Halloween and the fact we were having the party at a drag show at a gay bar. Though in the end it didn't matter when I left as metro was HORRIBLE. I've never had it take that long. Every platform was full of people and the trains were crowded and I had like a 20+ minute wait just for my transfer point. I almost gave up at one point and went back to the con but figured I'd wasted enough time coming out that way, I might as well make it the rest of the way. And Alyce said they would come meet up with me when I got there so I wouldn't get lost. (since we originally planned to all meet up at the metro station but obviously I was running way late at this point so kinda messed that up) But ugh it was so miserable on that train.

Finally got there and was so happy to see everyone at least! Only issue was that since we had a kinda large group and got there late-ish we were at one of the tables on the patio of the bar so couldn't actually see much of the drag performances from our spot. They were supposed to all come out even to the patio but only a few of them did. So a little disappointing there (especially as this was my first actual live drag show) but still fun. As soon as I got there, a drag queen came out to us and I'm talking to everyone and suddenly there's a pair of hands grabbing my chest. XD Like normally I'd be pretty upset about that but you really can't be mad when its a queen and its meant to be a hey there! lol So yeah, got felt up by a drag queen? lmao And I know I've got large boobs so I'm sure its hard for them to ignore that. And at least being out there made it easier to talk so that was cool. We wandered around outside for a bit afterwards til we got to my metro stop and parted ways. The trip back wasn't AS bad but I did stupidly go the wrong direction at first and so got off at the airport...and had a really long wait for the next train back. Like another 20-30 minutes. Aiya. But at that time of night, that's kinda normal. And at least the train didn't really stop as much as the one earlier did. But boy was I done with metro by the time I got back to the hotel and was so happy to see con again.

Ran into Eric, who was getting a smoke outside as I came in and found out I won a Judge's Award for Jude! Yay! :D lol I felt a little bad about not being able to go to the Masquerade to get the award (and Eric guilt tripped me about that) but there would have been no way of doing that and going to the party. And unlike previous years, they had stated online that they would not being having awards for pick-up on Sunday so they had made sure to get eveyone's addresses to send out if you didn't show up. Though it was nearly a year later til I finally got said award and not til after I sent a friendly reminder to the staff (though they responded right away when I did and apologized so its cool!). Tried to wander the con a bit but it was pretty dead and I was exhausted from metro so decided to just go to the room and call it a night.


Got up semi-early to meet up with Becca and Susan because they had invited me to join them in their free breakfast voucher they got from the hotel due to their room reservation having been screwed up (wonder why we didn't get one? pfft). We had originally thought of using it Sat morning but were too tired to get up early enough for it. It wasn't much, just a very meager buffet thing on one of the top floors but hey, free food is free! So chatted with them for a bit and after eating, headed back down and packed up my stuff and put it in the Cobles' car for the time being. Though I honestly don't remember much about Sunday. I think I mainly just wandered with the Cobles for a bit. And might have made a final run of the Dealer's/AA but there wasn't a whole lot I was interested in this year in there. So eventually said my farewells and got picked up by the parents since there wasn't much left to do.


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